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Peaches come to the Farmer's Markets later in the season, first with Clingstones and then the Freestones. We generally have a long peach season here in Southern California. The color of peaches range from golden blush early on in the season to later in the season when each peach mirrors the colors of a beautiful Southern California sunset and as a result, the colors of the jams range as well. We have smooth jam and chunky jam. People have been known to take a jar of the chunky to bed to eat with a spoon on an early Autumn night. This year we have Zee Lady, Sangre de Toro as named by Severino of Tenerelli Farms, and O'Henry. The season is not over yet and we may add some varietals down the road this year. In addition, we have a limited production of Peach-Ginger jam made with young fresh ginger found for only a short period of time in our local Farmer's Markets.

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