Blogs I Love

blogs i love.jpg is a food lovers community. It’s all here and they also have put together a cookbook by the same name. Invitingly interesting recipes. My son told me about Food52 after he found out that I wanted to do a blog. He insisted that I read it and got me all set up to receive their posts. I was really impressed with that (I mean with him telling me about it). Check it out. is the blog of Kathy Patton’s friend Abra Bennett who loves France and splits her time between there and her home on the West Coast. Her recipes have won her a couple spots in the Food 52 cookbook. Her photography is enjoyable and her recipes real good. is Pixie’s blog. Pixie is my friend Suzanne’s daughter. Pixie is an inspiration and I love the window into her world that her Blog provides. She’s cool and she makes really sweet looking cupcakes.

Amy Neiman