Kathy’s Cooked Cucumbers (Well She Prepared Them...)

My husband and I just got back from Santa Barbara where we visited Alex my son and our dear friends John and Kathy Patton. Kathy recently received a copy of the Food52 cookbook from her friend Abra Bennett who is a cook/photographer/food blogger (French Letters – frenchletters.wordpress.com ). Abra won a few of the Food52 contests and as a result, she had several of her recipes published in the Food52 cookbook. If you don’t know the Food52 site – you could check it out – it’s worth it. Food52.com. So the four of us sat in the Patton’s back yard visiting and talking and I was reading the Food52 cook book – for hours (in retrospect, I think I was kind of rude to do that). I also took it to bed with me. (I am now afraid that John and Kathy think I’ve become obsessive and that I have gone off my gourd with this whole food thing – and we’re supposed to be going to meet them in Alaska this summer. I guess it’s ‘maybe’ now...). The recipes look fantastic and none of them look too difficult and the photography and editorial and comments are really great.

Our friends made us a beautiful dinner of lamb on the grill that had marinated in something fabulous smelling; cucumbers in yogurt and olive oil with lemon; and bread. I didn’t eat the lamb for two reasons: 1) I’m a vegetarian (except for bacon); and 2) I was on this three-week cleanse which ended tonight. Since our dinner was last night I was still technically ‘on the cleanse.’ That was a technicality. I snuck in some of the cucumbers. I had to. I felt more a part of the meal that way. That’s right – I had to do it so I didn’t feel left out. And I didn’t want to be rude. They made us dinner. And since it was essential that I eat the cucumbers for those two reasons, it wasn’t really cheating. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photograph of the cucumbers.

The reason is that I had been reading the Food52 cook book all afternoon and talking about my blog and food and cooking and also I was starving after 3-weeks on this ‘cleanse’ and in a big hurry to get the cucumbers inside my body and, by dinner time I was really super nervous about what my friends thought of me. Indeed, I was afraid that they were going to cancel the Alaska trip so the last thing I was going to do was to pull out my camera and start taking photos of the meal. So today I decided that I would make the cucumber thing and I just happened to have 2 English cucumbers left over from the ‘cleanse’ (cucumbers are a cleanse ingredient). This would also give me the opportunity to take photographs.

So I made Kathy’s recipe and added a bunch of dill from the garden. It was delicious and I forgot to take the photographs... Honest. I just have a little bit of leftovers so I’ve tried to make them look appetizing and fresh and that will have to do. Here’s Kathy’s recipe.

Cucumber salad

Cucumber salad

Kathy’s Cucumbers

1 cup greek yogurt 1/4 cup good olive oil juice of one lemon 1 clove garlic salt and pepper

Three (3) hot-house cucumbers diced (or if you use regular cukes then peel them). Ideally, you'll have time to salt them and let them sit in a colander with a bag of ice on top of them to squeeze out some of their juices. Otherwise, you'll get watery dressing.

That's it...combine and chill.

I made just a couple small changes that didn’t seem to affect the overall deliciousness of this recipe. I used the yogurt that I make here at home. I didn’t use the garlic because I’m not completely nuts about garlic although I’ve been trying harder lately. I added a bunch of chopped Dill from the garden. I liked mine too. I like Kathy’s too.

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