Mother's Day Brunch Pt 3 - Lentil-Haricot Verts Salad

Jess and Lily

Jess and Lily

Another huge hit this year was Jessica Montaigne’s lentil-haricot vert salad. Jessica is a personal trainer and she’s awesome. If you want to get into shape - get in touch with her. She’s also a wonderful person, cook, and mom. She’s smart, well-read, educated about the body and food, and politics AND she’s funny. She’ll do work-outs at her gym in Venice or she’ll come to your house or wherever. She also teaches yoga. She’s the best. Her email is: Here’s a photo of Jess and her adorable daughter Lily (I love Lily….) and a recipe for her salad.

Lentil-Haricot Vert Salad (from Jessica Montaigne)


1 cup cooked lentils (Jess uses the vacume packed lentils from Trader Joe’s)

Haricot vert 1 cup (Jess uses the whole package from Trader Joe’s)

1 Yellow or orange bell pepper

1/2 Red onion

1/2 cup Grape tomatoes seeded cut in 1/4ths

Feta crumbled

Jessica says that “The measurements are not exact. I'm a visual cook, whatever looks right proportionately.” Not completely helpful but the salad is so good you’ll figure out what seems right to you.

Empty lentils into large bowl Sauté chopped onion and chopped pepper lightly retaining a little crunch in Newmans Balsamic dressing. Let cool add to the lentils. Lightly steam halved haricots vert. Cool, then add to lentils Add chopped tomatoes and feta to taste. Toss with enough Newman’s dressing to add flavor (but not too much).

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